Automated Reporting System

Learning Management System (LMS): By automating multiple HR and admin tasks, accurate activity reports and training results are easily accessible. jPrep eliminates the burden of chasing staff for paperwork!​

Off-the-shelf and Tailor-made Courses

Courses: Bundle together multiple off-the-shelf courses or create tailor-made courses to create personalized training plans specific to compliance requirements and the needs of workers in each department. It is easy to assign courses for the training learners need.

Reduce Admins Workload

For HR & Admins: Employees can start training the moment they are hired and complete their assigned online courses before the first day of work. HR and Admins immediately experience less ‘headaches’ with the efficiencies of automated notification, tracking and reporting systems.​

Convenient for Employees

For Employees: The jPrep platform provides clear, simple training courses that can be accessed from anywhere on any device. Instant feedback is available with assessments (quizzes) and online certificates are provided as proof of successful completion. Employees appreciate the convenience of online learning.​

Why jPrep?

    Time: Never enough
                HR: Limited resources
              Live Trainings: Achieving 100% attendance
Mid-season Hires: Stress catching them up
       Compliance Training: Getting 100% completion for all
                                                                             Tracking: Chasing staff for training documents, certificates, etc.
                                                 Documentation: Security and storage of current and future data

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course modules completed

Why Trust jPrep?

I have website envy! It is excellent. I am so impressed. We need this big time in so many ways.”​

Rob Butler, Georgian College
“I don’t want preventable accidents! I am also concerned about liability, and I want training records as up to date as possible. jPrep was the solution.”
Michael Chadsey, General Manger

“I think jPrep is a good supplement to staff training. There is so much hill-specific information that must be presented to snow school staff at the beginning of the year that jPrep modules should precede the job-specific training to get staff thinking about impending responsibilities. This is also a valuable refresher for extra repetition.”

CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor

“I enjoyed how quickly I got through each segment and I found the speakers engaging. This, along with the interaction, pictures and relevance, made it interesting.”

jPrep Learner, Snow Resort Employee
“This is a giant leap forward. If we can get the industry to buy in, the bar will be dramatically raised.”
Darrell Dennis, Operations Manager

“We had a number of late hires, onboarded after our pre-season training was completed. This tool helped us immensely because of the quality of information and its pertinence to the job provided excellent training.”

Bill Yeigh, Kids Program Director

“Brilliant! Good job on the content. It is especially important for young workers working with children.”

Pierre Ruel, CSCF Technical Director
“The Ministry of Labour randomly ended up on our doorstep three weeks into our busy season. jPrep reports satisfied them that all our staff were compliant with required training.”
Nicole Paara, Restaurant Manager

“Just compare the hours to do this training yourself versus an automated platform that trains, scores, tracks and reports.”

Mark Woodburn, General Manager

“In the past, I was tracking and documenting training for over 250 people. Using jPrep has reduced that workload by 75%. Now I send reminders to 25% of the staff and only end up chasing 10% (25 people) to reach my goal of 100% completion.”

Erin Hindle, Health and Safety Manager

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jPrep Launch Plan – 5 Steps

We reduce your onboarding burden by systematically following the process below.

Create your own branded site on the jPrep platform.

Program individual training plans, with due dates, for employees.

Automatically send notification emails with links to training and reminder emails.

Track progress and automatically generate activity reports.

Identify employees who have not completed training and follow-up.

If you hire more than 100 employees annually and have managers who believe in the power of automating employee training

jPrep Guarantee

We commit to deliver:

  1. 100% participation from your employees (including late hires)
  2. Reduce training costs by 50%
  3. Anytime reports available for HR, supervisors and government inspectors
  4. Consistent training and safety messaging to everyone in the organization


Creating online courses is a time-consuming project for any training professional. And the work never ends. Most course content needs continual updating to remain current.

Why try to do it all yourself? There’s an easier, more effective way.

With jPrep Courses, you get access to professionally curated safety and compliance modules. These trainings are a critical success factor for your company’s reputation, liability exposures and profitability as they form the foundation of a safe and supportive work environment. With this type of culture, employees are empowered to achieve the organization’s goals.

Off-the-shelf Courses

Choose from a variety of ready-to-go training courses from the jPrep Course Menu. It includes compliance courses your employees need. Consistent content, presented in a systematic way ensures all staff have been assessed on the training. 100% of staff will be trained on your predefined standards, laws, and policies.

Tailor-made Courses

For companies working on a unique project or training challenge, tailor-made courses are the solution. It could be custom trainings, employee questionnaires, videos, or simply the adaptation of existing company manuals, handbooks, policies and procedures, etc.

LMS Platform

Intuitive Reporting

jPrep’s Learning Management System (LMS) is the engine behind the training system. LMS automation eliminates burdensome tasks so teams can focus their energy on aligning training with the company’s strategic agenda. The jPrep LMS is scalable based on needs, works for everyone with simple and easy-to-use navigation.
The platform supports your onboarding programs, makes it easier to create and update content, assigns and tracks course completions and ultimately documents constant compliance.

How the LMS Saves Time and Money

Assessments and Quizzes – Check knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with your employees.

Reporting and Analytics – Review activities, performance and results with reports that can be downloaded or customized for delivery by email.

Messages and Notifications – Email links provide immediate access to training and drive higher course completion rates through the automated tracking, notifications and reminders.

jPrep Platform Navigation

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How much are old training procedures costing you? What do untrained workers cost? Can you prove 100% of your workforce attended, understands and completed training? How do you ensure midseason hires get the same quality training? How quickly can you print training records during a government safety audit? How many employees are not clearly focused on company priorities? Failure to blend online options into your training programs is costing you a great deal of money! Use the form on the right to request a call and find out more.
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