We Understand

Limited Resources

Many businesses operate with limited HR resources and never have enough time.

Employee Training

Getting 100% of employees to attend live-training is impossible, and mid-season hires increase your workload.

Administration Hours

It takes multiple Admin hours to maintain attendance records and test employees to understand the training.

Ensuring Compliance

And the worst is following-up and chasing employees who have not completed everything required to be safe in their job.

Is This You?

jPrep is designed for businesses with continual hiring cycles. We share the burden by minimizing your annual workload.

Three Components of a Successful eLearning Program


Learning Management System (LMS)


Why Clients Trust jPrep

Heather GauthierHead of HR, Red Mountain
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“We found jPrep to be a very helpful addition to our training program at RED. I liked the ease of use, both for the user and for myself as the administrator. It was invaluable for tracking and documentation purposes and saved a lot of administrative time in this area. Angela and her team are very helpful and go above and beyond in working with us directly to meet our unique needs and requirements. They are also very responsive to questions and technical support. We plan to make jPrep an on-going part of our training program.”
John SiddalGeneral Manager, Ojibway Club
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“jPrep’s program supports our annual start-up by helping us get employees trained before they arrive for their job-specific training on the first day of work. We want accurate and up-to-date training records. jPrep saves us hours of work!”
Darrell Dennis Operations Manager, Georgian Peaks
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“This is a giant leap forward. If we can get the industry to buy in, the bar will be dramatically raised.”
Bill Yeigh Kids Program Director, Caledon Ski Club
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“We had several late hires, onboarded after our pre-season training was completed. This tool helped us immensely because the quality of the information and its pertinence to the job provided excellent training.”
Sam OettliGeneral Manager, Mount Sima
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"It has been a pleasure working with jPrep. Our operation was struggling to find a solution that fit our unique industry needs. jPrep had it covered and helped us ensure our team has the tools to be safe at work. We are very satisfied with their product and look forward to continued work together."
Erin Hindle Health & Safety Manager, Alpine Ski Club
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“In the past, I was tracking and documenting training for over 250 people. Using jPrep has reduced that workload by 75%. Now I send reminders to 25% of the staff and only end up chasing 10% (25 people) to reach my goal of 100% completion.”
Sarah HuterAssistant GM, Mount St. Louis
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“Before jPrep, our system for tracking and training individuals was paper based. It was cumbersome and difficult to find information. The jPrep platform allows us to digitally track all staff, ensuring compliance and completion of training modules. We can notify employees and see firsthand the time each person spends on their H&S eLearning. jPrep has made us more efficient.”
Gord FieldingNorquaySnow School Director
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“jPrep has made bringing new staff on board very clear. Letting staff work at their own pace has shown us they have a stronger understanding of the work ethic and culture at Norquay.”
Michael RichardsBig White Snow School Director
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“Big White's Ski & Board School has outsourced our preseason training for new and returning employees to jPrep. Before outsourcing our preseason training, our onboarding process was a time-consuming and inconsistent for midseason hires. The jPrep system enables staff to study our manuals and procedures from home, before starting work. We get frequent status reports on progress and completions which allows us to focus our efforts on job-specific training that drives revenue. The reporting system provides frequent status reports with training progress and completions for each employee. The reports are used with senior management or our insurance company demonstrating our standard of training. This allows me the time to focus on running the business. I strongly recommend jPrep for the service they provide.”

All jPrep clients are available for references.

Training is costly

Wasting time is even more costly!


Failure to blend online options into your training programs is costing you a great deal of money.*


For businesses with continual hiring cycles, doing-it-yourself is a time-consuming project that never ends. Course content and documentation need continual updating to remain relevant and accurate.


With jPrep online training, you get access to professionally curated safety and compliance modules.


The training content is critical to your company's reputation, liability exposures and profitability as they form a foundation for a safe and supportive work environment.

*A food and beverage department, annually hiring 135 employees, reduces in-person training by 3 hours on Orientation Day and saves $9,000 annually. References available on request.

A cost-benefit analysis is a tool businesses can use to evaluate the costs and benefits of implementing an LMS (learning management system). When conducting a cost-benefit analysis of an eLearning program, it’s essential to consider both the upfront costs and ongoing costs and the potential cost benefit that the LMS may provide.

Annual costs:

  1. Access to training courses – included
  2. LMS license or subscription fees – included
  3. Admin and deployment costs – included
  4. Ongoing Support – included

Other Costs:

  1. Programming and creating new training plans – included
  2. Customization and development costs – NOT included

Company Cost Savings may include:

  1. Improved training efficiency and effectiveness
  2. Reduced training costs in employee wages*
  3. Improved tracking and reporting on training activities for Admins/HR
  4. Improved compliance with regulatory requirements for government inspections, liability exposures, incident defence and HR management
  5. Improved employee retention and engagement

To conduct a cost-benefit analysis, compare the cost of implementing and maintaining an eLearning program to its potential benefits. This comparison will help determine if the potential benefits justify the costs of an eLearning program.

*Use a 1:4 ratio to determine savings in employee wages. For example, one hour of online training is equivalent to four hours of in-person training, therefore saving three wage hours per employee.

There is a better way

Using an online training system empowers employees to better serve your customers.