Custom-Made Courses

Custom courses are developed to meet the specific goals of a business. They are cost-effective when they solve a training need for supporting company culture, safety or liability exposures or provide a competitive advantage.

Content created by the company for the company is often the most effective learning material. No one knows your learners better than you.

To create an eLearning course, jPrep will apply the following process:

  1. Project analysis: define the learning objectives, for example, what specific skills or knowledge to be learned
  2. Cost and timeline: provide a detailed quote with a project plan
  3. Gather and organize the content: this includes the learning content, images, videos, audio, and other materials
  4. Design the course: this involves creating an outline and effectively using colour, graphics, border and white space.
  5. Content writing: a clear presentation of the course content
  6. Navigation and interactivity: ensure employees know where they are in the course as well as select appropriate activities
  7. Assessments: to be completed throughout the course with feedback
  8. Create the actual course: this involves creating slides, videos, or other materials, as well as setting up activities and assessments to upload to the LMS
  9. Review and approval: editing and revising the course to make sure the content is engaging and effective before final approval
  10. Test the course: ensure the course is functioning correctly on the LMS

Success Stories

Our customers are the ones inspired to communicate with and train their employees better. These are their stories.

Private Hunting and Shooting Club

Members and guests travel long distances by plane, then a car and boat to arrive on the island owned by the hunting club.  The General Manager (GM) is responsible for multiple liability exposures related to hunting and entertaining.

The following documentation and training are required before the hunting begins:

  • Proof of valid hunting and firearm acquisition licences
  • Personal details and preferences of guests (hunting experience, allergies, etc.)
  • Hunting and Shooting safety training is conducted
  • Guests informed about club rules and lodge etiquette
  • The signing of liability waivers

In the past, the club’s ability to execute and document the above was inconsistent, leaving them exposed to unnecessary risks.    

jPrep created an online module to provide safety training, outline the rules and provide a liability waiver for sign-off.

Two thousand annual guests completed jPrep’s online program before arriving at the island.   The club has records of proof that 100% of members and guests received the safety video, club rules and liability waiver in advance of their visit.   Additionally, collection of licencing data was automated to help administrators continue to track expiry dates for future visits.    Re-education in Admin’s time is over 300 hours per year. 

Winter Snow

With over 700 employees, management wanted to ensure their staff read, studied and understood the General Employee Handbook before arriving for the first day of work.

JPrep created an online interactive course with the content from the All Staff Employee Handbook and made it mandatory for each employee to complete the training module.    

All employees completed the course within one hour of paid time, saving the company over $10,000 in wages and eliminating the administration process of printing, distribution, discussion and sign-off of the Employee Handbook.   This “preboarding” online course supported supervisors and managers because they could refer to the recorded proof that their employees had completed the training and focus on training that related to job performance and customer service. 

One hour of paid time per employee was eliminated by automating the process of distribution, discussion and sign-off of the Employee Handbook (700 @ $15/hr = $1,050 in wages saved).  This “preboarding” online course supported supervisor and managers because they could refer to the recorded proof that their employees had completed the training. As such, they were managing behavioural exceptions rather than the continual training and reminders that required their time before implementing this program.

Children’s Sport


The client wanted over 200 staff to disclose whether they had a criminal offence.   There were additional measures to perform criminal checks that are costly and cumbersome to administer, so as a first step, they wanted to identify those who would willingly disclose their criminal history before the first day of work.


jPrep designed a Criminal Offences Declaration that employees were required to complete online followed by instructions and a link to Sterling Back check service. 


One percent of new hires voluntarily disclosed their criminal record and scheduled an appointment with their supervisor to explain the circumstances.   In most cases, the employee was hired, and management had a record of the type of offence and confidence that their employee was placed in an appropriate role.  

Zipline Park

A Zipline Park wanted their staff to understand and acknowledge their strict safety rules for guests using the amusements at the park.   Additionally, they wanted staff to understand the legal liability for a company offering such services.

jPrep designed an interactive ‘Duty of Care’ course with real case examples to train the staff on this important content and reduce liability risk.

The general manager and superiors reduced the learning curve by two weeks in a twelve-week season.  They measured competency and consistency of service from the opening day to the point when the staff were expertly interacting with guests and making sound decisions.   Seasonally, the operations were conducted in a safer, more consistent manner by everyone.


Winter Snow

A sport club with 400 plus employees and 1000 child participants wanted everyone trained on their ‘Missing Person Protocol’ in the emergency event that a child went temporarily missing.

jPrep added an interactive missing person module to the existing online training for all staff.  

The company had documented proof that 100% of employees completed the training and were aware of the protocol.

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