About Us

Since 2009, we have been committed to providing relevant, effective and affordable training.

Our Story

Like all good start-ups, jPrep’s origin dates back to a time before the proliferation of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) when our eLearning reports were manually generated in Excel. jPrep was solving the problem of training hundreds of employees every year in seasonal businesses. As the business model evolved, in one simple solution, companies were able to outsource onboarding and compliance training to jPrep. This launched our mission to achieve 100% compliance, delivering online training in a timely manner on behalf of jPrep customers.

Make no mistake about it…
The simple truth is…
If we had to sum it up…
If nothing else, remember this…

Using an eLearning training program is like:

  • Using a GPS app on a road trip.
    It reduces work and stress and increases the probability you will navigate your desired route.
  • Creating and using a list to grocery shop.
    You stay focused on what you need and get it done.
  • Using a map for a treasure hunt.
    You will stay on track, find the treasures faster and you may even win the competition.

Results Since 2009

Jprep helps reduce the risk of “misunderstandings” or gaps in knowledge by ensuring employees complete relevant and required training. We guarantee 100% completion!

Training Modules Completed

Employees Trained

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