jPrep Courses

Reduce costs and ensure consistent training.

Off-the-Shelf Courses

Choose from a variety of ready-to-go training courses from the jPrep Course Menu.

  • Compliance courses needed by your employees
  • Consistent content presented in a systematic way
  • 100% of staff trained on your predefined standards, laws, and policies
  • 100% of staff assessed on the training

Off-the-shelf online training courses provide several benefits for businesses

  1. Cost-effective: eliminates in-house development costs
  2. Time-saving: ready to deploy now
  3. Expertise: courses developed by subject matter experts
  4. Effortless to Evaluate: view a demo to assess the fit for the company
  5. Convenient: easily accessed, allowing employees to work at their own pace

Custom-Made Courses

For companies working on a unique project or training challenge, tailor-made courses are the solution.

  • Custom trainings
  • Employee questionnaires
  • Videos
  • Existing company manuals, handbooks, policies, and procedures adapted for a course

Custom-made online training courses provide several benefits for businesses:

  1. Tailored to specific needs: created for business-specific needs and goals
  2. Custom branding: strengthen the company’s image and improve employee engagement
  3. Engaging: flexibility to choose Interactivity and create company-specific quiz questions
  4. Consistency: all employees receive the same training, ensuring consistency and reducing the risk of misunderstandings
  5. Cost-effective: higher upfront development costs but can be worthwhile if the course is used multiple times or for multiple employees
  6. Owned content: protect proprietary information or sensitive material