Learning Management System

Intuitive Reporting


jPrep’s Learning Management System (LMS) is the engine behind the training system.


LMS automation eliminates burdensome tasks so teams can focus their energy on aligning training with the company’s strategic agenda.


The jPrep's LMS is scalable based on needs and works for everyone with simple and easy-to-use navigation.


The platform supports your onboarding programs, makes it easier to create and update content, assigns and tracks course completions, and ultimately documents constant compliance.

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) provides several benefits for businesses:

  1. Standardized course content: all employees receive the same training
  2. Customized course content: new hires can learn about the company, its culture, policies, and procedures
  3. Assessments and quizzes: test employee knowledge and understanding
  4. Tracking and reporting: track employee progress through training courses and generate reports on completion rates and other metrics
  5. Automated reminders: systems ensure that all employees are up-to-date on their training
  6. Security: employee and training activity data is securely stored and easy to access
  7. Reduce Admin/HR workload: automates the training part of onboarding
  8. Cost-reduce training time: One hour of online training is equivalent to four hours of in-person training. Therefore, saving three wage hours per employee.

Delivered On Your Existing Platform, or In Ours.​

jPrep recognizes that you may have already invested in a system to meet your business and eLearning requirements. That is why jPrep SCORM-compatible courses are available to use on your platform.

How the LMS Saves Time and Money

Assessments and Quizzes

Check knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with your employees.

Reporting and Analytics

Review activities, performance and results with reports that can be downloaded or customized for delivery by email.

Messages and Notifications

Provide email links with immediate access to training and drive higher course completion rates through the automated tracking, notifications and reminders.

jPrep Platform Navigation

We Commit to Deliver:



100% participation from your employees (including late hires)


Reduce training costs by 50%


Anytime reports available for HR, supervisors and government inspectors


Consistent training and safety messaging to everyone in the organization

Technical Support

Most jPrep work is time sensitive with training due dates. We pride ourselves on our customer service are here to help if you are experiencing any issues.