Administration and Deployment

Reduce Admin Workload
For HR & Admin:
  • Employees start training the moment they are hired
  • Employees complete online courses before the first day of work
  • Headaches are less with automated notification, tracking, and reporting systems
Convenient for Employees
For Employees:
  • Clear, simple training courses accessible from any device
  • Feedback is instant with assessments
  • Online certificates are proof of successful completion
  • Employees appreciate the convenience of online learning.


jPrep's Done-for-You Administration provides several benefits for businesses:

  1. Full-service eLearning program: includes design of training plans and development of course content
  2. Efficient training delivery: reduces time and resources spent on planning, logistics, presentation, and preparation required for in-person training sessions
  3. Scalability: controls the quantity of training assigned to employees and adds new hires anytime
  4. Training plans: custom training plans and assignments are created in advance and have a long shelf life
  5. Tracking progress: reports are automated and pushed to the company Admin/HR
  6. Set automated reminders: reduces workload and ensures all employees complete assigned training
  7. Reporting detail and confirmation of completion: date and time stamps, the duration for all activities, and quiz scoring available
  8. System “learning” curve: the turnkey service does not require company Admins/HR to learn a new software
  9. Ongoing Support: support for both company Admins/HR and employees

jPrep's Program provides several benefits to employees:

  1. Flexibility: allows employees to access training materials and complete courses at their own pace and schedule
  2. Saves time: saves employees time compared to traditional in-person training (one hour online is equivalent to four hours in-person)
  3. Remote access: employees can prepare for work before their first day
  4. Increased motivation: interactive and engaging training makes employees more motivated to learn
  5. Improved retention: employees working at their own pace are more likely to retain the information
  6. Improved learning and retention: no overhead projectors and box-checking tests
  7. Acknowledgement of training: employees receive a Completion Certificate by email
  8. Professional development: employees have access to a wide range of courses and learning materials
  9. A Note about Young Workers: This generation has different expectations and preferences regarding learning and development.  To effectively train the millennial workforce, consider using technology, making your training interactive, offering flexibility, and providing ongoing Support.

Launch Plan

jPrep's 5-Steps Done-for-You


We create your branded site on the jPrep platform.


We program training plans for each department, including due dates for each.


We automate notification emails with links to training and reminder emails.


jPrep tracks progress and automatically generates activity reports for managers.


We identify employees who have not completed training and follow up.

If you hire more than 100 employees annually, and have managers who believe in the power of automating employee training, then jPrep is for you!