Why jPrep Online?

Time: Never enough
HR: Limited resources
Live Trainings: Achieving 100% attendance
Mid-season Hires: Stress catching them up
Compliance Training: Getting 100% completion for all
Tracking: training documents, certificates, etc.
Documentation: Security & storage of current & future data

If you relate to any of these struggles

Custom Employee User Reports

jPrep Launch Plan – 5 Steps


Create your own branded site on the jPrep platform.


Program individual training plans, with due dates, for employees.


Automatically send notification emails with links to training and reminder emails.


Track progress and automatically generate activity reports.


Identify employees who have not completed training and follow-up.

If you hire more than 100 employees annually and have managers who believe in the power of automating employee training, jPrep is for you!

Why Clients Trust jPrep

Nicole Paara
Nicole Paara Restaurant Manager, The Grey
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“Just compare the hours to do this training yourself versus an automated platform that trains, scores, tracks and reports.”
Rob Butler
Rob ButlerGeorgian College
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“I have website envy! It is excellent. I am so impressed. We need this big time in so many ways.”​
Michael Chadsey
Michael Chadsey General Manager, Ojibway Club
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“I don’t want preventable accidents! I am also concerned about liability, and I want training records as up to date as possible. jPrep was the solution.”
Darrell Dennis
Darrell Dennis Operations Manager, Georgian Peaks
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“This is a giant leap forward. If we can get the industry to buy in, the bar will be dramatically raised.”
Bill Yeigh
Bill Yeigh Kids Program Director, Caledon Ski Club
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“We had a number of late hires, onboarded after our pre-season training was completed. This tool helped us immensely because of the quality of information and its pertinence to the job provided excellent training.”
Mark Woodburn
Mark Woodburn General Manager, Scenic Caves
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“Just compare the hours to do this training yourself versus an automated platform that trains, scores, tracks and reports.”
Erin Hindle
Erin Hindle Health & Safety Manager Alpine Ski Club
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“In the past, I was tracking and documenting training for over 250 people. Using jPrep has reduced that workload by 75%. Now I send reminders to 25% of the staff and only end up chasing 10% (25 people) to reach my goal of 100% completion.”
Sarah Huter
Sarah HuterAssistant GM, Mount St. Louis
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"Before jPrep, our system for tracking and training individuals paper-based. It was cumbersome and difficult to find information. The jPrep platform allows us to digitally track all staff, ensure compliance and completion of training modules. We can notify employees and see firsthand the time each employee spent on their H&S e-learning. jPrep has made us more efficient."

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