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Intuitive Reporting

jPrep’s Learning Management System (LMS) is the engine behind the training system.
LMS automation eliminates burdensome tasks so teams can focus their energy on aligning training with the company’s strategic agenda.
The jPrep LMS is scalable based on needs, works for everyone with simple and easy-to-use navigation. 
The platform supports your onboarding programs, makes it easier to create and update content, assigns and tracks course completions and ultimately documents constant compliance.

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How the LMS Saves Time and Money

What Is My Investment?

Why try to do it all yourself? There’s an easier, more effective way.

Creating online courses is a time-consuming project for any training professional. And the work never ends.
Most course content needs continual updating to remain current.

With jPrep Courses, you get access to professionally curated safety and compliance modules. These trainings are a critical success factor for your company’s reputation, liability exposures and profitability as they form the foundation of a safe and supportive work environment. With this type of culture, employees are empowered to achieve the organization’s goals.

How much are old training procedures costing you? What do untrained workers cost? Can you prove 100% of your workforce attended, understands and completed training? How do you ensure midseason hires get the same quality training? 

How quickly can you print training records during a government safety audit? How many employees are not clearly focused on company priorities?
Failure to blend online options into your training programs is costing you a great deal of money!

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