Off-the-Shelf Courses

Choose from a variety of ready-to-go training courses from the jPrep Course Menu.

  • Compliance courses your employees need
  • Consistent content presented in a systematic way
  • Ensures all staff have been assessed on the training
  • 100% of staff will be trained on your predefined standards, laws, and policies.

Custom-Made Courses

For companies working on a unique project or training challenge, tailor-made courses are the solution.

  • Custom trainings
  • Employee questionnaires
  • Videos
  • Adaptation of existing company manuals, handbooks, policies and procedures, etc.

Automated Reporting System

Learning Management System (LMS):
  • Automating multiple HR and admin tasks
  • Activity reports and training results
  • jPrep eliminates the burden of chasing staff for paperwork!

Off-the-shelf and Tailor-made Courses

  • Bundle multiple off-the-shelf or create tailor-made courses
  • Create personalized training plans specific to compliance requirements and the needs of workers in each department.
  • Easy to assign training courses

Reduce Admins

For HR & Admins:
  • Employees start training the moment they are hired 
  • Employees complete online courses before the first day of work.
  • Experience less ‘headaches’ with automated notification, tracking, and reporting systems.​

Convenient for

For Employees:
  • Provides clear, simple training courses accesible from any device
  • Instant feedback with assessments (quizzes)
  • Online certificates are proof of successful completion
  • Employees appreciate the convenience of online learning.​

We Commit to Deliver:

jPrep Certificate of Completion